Gussie's Story

An Open letter to Gussie from his family, The Moniers, who lost their beloved pet, in the fire that destroyed their home, one bitterly cold day in March of 2015. To name our kennel after Gus seemed only fitting.

Gail and Jerry Stewart



            When you first came to us you reminded us of a little bear cub, big brown paws, blue eyes, cuddly and sleepy. It wasn’t long till those blue eyes turned brown and you were a big boy, very busy. Off to doggy daycare you went! You loved doggy daycare, such a social guy! You had a wonderful life on Elm Street, chasing the boys down our back hill on their sleds, pulling off their hats and even a boot once!

I woke up to you on our bed every morning. We’d head to the barn to do horse chores and then back inside to share the toast. We walked daily, you were a prince on your leash, if I had my earbuds in and a car was coming you’d get very close to be sure I knew. While off leash in the woods, you never got too far ahead, always turning around to be sure I was there.

You were the best doorbell ever, always there to greet us, with a wagging, wiggling, snorting hello….you never seemed to have a bad day, it must’ve been all the cat food you ate while we were at work.

On a -9 degree March morning while sleeping on our bed, your life was cut far too short… We miss you, Gus. I know you’re experiencing some of the most amazing hikes in the woods, endless jumps in beautiful ponds, eating an abundant supply of cat food treats and keeping the bed warm for us till we meet again.

Always in our hearts… We love you, Gussie

AKA: Guster T, T-Bone, Buh Boy and some choice ones when he ate the cat food.

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